[Handel] [ANNOUNCE] Handel 0.99_02 Released

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Jun 6 14:42:00 CEST 2006

tom.kirkpatrick at virusbtn.com wrote:
> I don't quite understand what you have done... but there has to be a 
> better way. Passing my schema into schema_instance() takes an age and a 
> half. My schema is rather large (51 tables in total), but still.

That seems odd at best. Quite literally all I do is the same schema
futzing to the pasted instance, instead of just to the schema_class. I
seriously doubt it's that directly. All it does is call load_component
one two classes (cart, item) and set some accessors.

> I tried preloading my Handel subclasses in statup.pl
> It took 1:32 until apache had finished loading and spawned off it's 
> children as opposed to 0:21 without it. But that's not the end of the 
> story... Even with it preloaded like that, it then takes a further 42 
> seconds for each child to make it's own connection and Handel to do it's 
> package molesting...
> I guess there's little point of preloading it in Apache anyway since each 
> child need's to do it's own connection stuff regardless, but
> there has to be a better way!!!

I vote the the red herring. I don't think it's the
load_components/setting accessors. That in and of itself is pretty slim.

It may be the compose_namespace calls (I work with a copy of your
schem_instance, not your real schema_instance, and the connection is
shared). It may even be an issue with the connection being shared
because of compose_namespace under Apache.

If you take Apache out of the equation, is it just as slow, compared to _01?

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