[Handel] Can't find source for Carts

Jan Gerene jan at gerene.be
Mon Jun 19 10:49:30 CEST 2006

Op zondag 18 juni 2006 18:37, schreef Christopher H. Laco:

> I you're new to Cat, DBIC, and Handel, most certainly don't use 0.99_02.
> It's an experimental dev release, and it's Cat helper code is most
> certainly still broken. Stick with 0.32. :-)
> With that said, 0.32 has issues with 5.6+, and the article on Perl.com
> was written when 5.33 was the latest Catalyst.
> Todd W supplied the attached patch to the current trunk source
> (http://svn.handelframework.com/CPAN/Handel/trunk/) to make all of the
> helpers work again.
> Get the latest source from there, apply the patch, and install. You will
> have to regenerate your helpers code again.
> -=Chris

I was using 0.99_02 since this release uses DBIx and because I did have 
troubles with 0.32 as well.  However, I will try again with the patch you 
Will it be fairly simple to upgrade to the latest release later?  I understood 
that the versions are not API compatible.

Thanks for the help,  

Jan Gerene

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