[Handel] catalyst helpers (was: mp1 database connectivity)

Todd W trwww at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 21 23:47:44 CEST 2006

>> Hi Chris,
>> Attached is a patch...
> Thanks for the patch. I may sit on this for a while before commiting
> since I'm pretty far along in the 1.0 redesign, and the cat helpers are
> getting gutted.
> At least it's in the list archives.

Sure, np. I told you I'd send one, I supposed at the very least you'd like 
to take a look at it :-)

JFYI I have a couple other problems, /cart/orders isn't listing past orders 
(though they are in the database), and the generated tests aren't passing, 

t/model_Cart.............Bareword "Catalyst::Test" not allowed while "strict 
subs" in use at t/model_Cart.t line 5.
t/controller_Cart........Bareword "Catalyst::Test" not allowed while "strict 
subs" in use at t/controller_Cart.t line 5.
t/controller_Orders......Bareword "Catalyst::Test" not allowed while "strict 
subs" in use at t/controller_Orders.t line 5.
t/controller_Checkout....Bareword "Catalyst::Test" not allowed while "strict 
subs" in use at t/controller_Checkout.t line 5.

Cant imagine either being very troublesome to fix, I'll update you when I 
get to work on it again.

Todd W.

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