[html-formfu] Validation of more than one column at a time

Henning Kulander hennikul at linpro.no
Fri Dec 14 15:59:56 GMT 2007


I have a form with a table of IP-ranges (fromip, toip) that are related
to an object the user is editing through a has_many relation. I need to
validate the IP-ranges to check that it's a valid IP, that fromip is
less thant toip, and that the range as a whole does not collide with
another range.

Checking that one IP is valid is easy, I just add a condition to the
elements containing fromip and toip. But checking the range is harder.

The first thing I want to check is if one IP is inside another range. If
I search the database for ranges where newip >= fromip and newip <=
toip, I will find any conflicting ranges, but I will also find the range
I'm editing if this is an update. What's the best way to avoid this?

I tried earlier to add a validator on a block surrounding the primary
key, fromip and twoip in this form. When I did this, validate was called
with $values containing all three fields. I could then check that the
conflicting range did not have the same primary key, and I could check
if fromip and toip was in the correct order. But it was not a very clean
way to do it. If i were to change the order of these fields in the
yml-file, it would break. And in the newest HTML::FormFu version, it
seems validate is called on one element at a time. Is there a better way
to do this?

Henning Kulander

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