[html-formfu] Performance

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 12:58:01 GMT 2007

On 22/06/07, Tobias Kremer <list at funkreich.de> wrote:
> I'm noticing a tremendous slow-down for all Catalyst controllers which
> make use of the Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu plugin to utilize
> FormFu-based forms.

My suspicion immediately falls on the Action implementation.

I copied how the FormBuilder controller works - instead of having a
'real' Action class such as Catalyst::Action::FormFu, it instead uses
Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu::create_action() to get the same
effect with Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu::Action::Form.

Unfortunately the create_action() method gets called many times on each hit.

The only advantage to this method is that the Form() sub attribute can
be configured to a different word.
If this is the cause of the performance hit though, then it's not a
great enough advantage, and I would suggest the
Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu::Action::* classes are changed to
Catalyst::Action::* classes.
It would probably also be a good idea to also change the names to
FormFu, FormFuConfig and FormFuMethod to reduce the chance of

Any volunteers to look into the speed issue?

A good start would be to simply remove the FormFu controller and
create the form manually with load_config_file() - and compare hit


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