[html-formfu] Performance

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 14:50:13 GMT 2007

On 22/06/07, Tobias Kremer <list at funkreich.de> wrote:
> with C::C::HTML::FormFu:    ~11 request per second
> without C::C::HTML::FormFu: ~11 requests per second
> :(
> I believe that the many TT INCLUDEs to build the form are causing
> the bad performance. I measured the stringification time of $form
> in my controller and it takes up approx. 50-60% of the action's
> whole processing time.

Hmm, are you using the compiled C, or pure-perl TT stash?
Is TT caching on?

Is that 50-60% of just the action subroutine that's being hit, or of
the entire catalyst process?
What else is the action doing?
If it's only building the form, then stringifying it, I would expect
either of those to be a high percentage of the runtime.

It would be worth comparing the times for stringifying "$form" and
doing $form->render.
That should help figure out whether it's the FormFu internals, or TT.

btw, what are you using to get the requests-per-second figure?


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