[html-formfu] select element with options attribute slowdown

Tobias Kremer list at funkreich.de
Thu May 10 15:56:23 GMT 2007

Hi Carl,

> I've copied your yaml snippet (and expended the ... up to 12), thrown
> it at html-formfu, and not had a problem.
> I suggest you investigate whether each machine is using YAML or
> YAML::Syck, and which versions thereof.

Removing the options attribute from the YAML file and setting the options
in the controller indead removed the problem. I then went on and updated
YAML and YAML::Syck on every machine but still the problem persists on 2
out of 3 systems :( Any further ideas on how to track this down? How can
I tell if YAML or YAML::Syck is used?

> So, formfu has 80% more test files, 60% more tests, and runs them in
> 60% more time.

Sounds reasonably fast :)

> I'd say that's even performance, or even an improvement when you
> consider the startup cost of the increased number of test files -
> something you won't even need to worry about in a persistent
> environment.

Would it be possible to cache the resulting form after the first



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