[html-formfu] PATCH: configurable forms directory.

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Tue May 15 11:37:39 GMT 2007

Hi omega,
nice to see you over here!

On 13/05/07, Andreas Marienborg <omega at palle.net> wrote:
> Attached is a svk patch for allowing the path 'root/forms' to be
> configured. I don't see a reason for having it under root, so I want it
> outside it, hence I would like to be able to configure it.

I've applied this, but changed the config name to "config_file_root"
to better match "config_file_ext".

> It also corrects something which I would call a small flaw, where it
> would append the extension only if you did not provide a filename, which
> would make the examples of the POD fail.

I'm not sure I agree with this, so I'd appreciate some other people's opinions.
I consider FormConfig() to be the "magic" method, which auto-generates
the filename from the current action, and FormConfig('filename') to be
the way you explicitly state the filename.
If it were to automatically append the file-extension, there would be
no way to use a different config file-type for a single form, if you
had need.
load_config_file() supports any config type that Config::Any supports.

Not sure?

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