[html-formfu] caveat: yml config is hash not array

Ruben Fonseca rubenfonseca at di.uminho.pt
Sun Oct 14 22:28:59 GMT 2007

On 2007/10/14, at 14:06, Mario Minati wrote:

> Hi @all,
> just to document this behaviour. (I'm not sure if this should be  
> changed.)
> The yml config for a form is interpreted as a hash, so no order is  
> preserved
> and no double use of the same key.
> I tried to do:
> load_config_file
>   - defaults
> elements
>   - ...
> load_config_file
>   - some_default_elements
> That does *not* work as the second load_config_file overwrites the  
> first one
> and the elements defined in 'some_default_elements' are displayed  
> before the
> elements defined in the 'elements' section as load_config_file is  
> interpreded
> before elements in the 'populate' function in ObjectUtil.

I had exactly the same behaviour and solved my problem using your  
method. Yes I think this should be documented in the FAQ or Cookbook.

Thank you Mario

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