[html-formfu] Hello world, FormFu

Bernhard Graf formfu at augensalat.de
Mon Sep 10 08:31:59 GMT 2007

Mario Minati wrote:

> > Why doesn't the manual mention this with a single word?
> >
> > A phrase like:
> >
> >   To start a project do:
> >
> >     perl -MHTML::FormFu::Deploy -e 'HTML::FormFu::Deploy::deploy()'
> >
> >   This installs the required (Template-Toolkit) templates files in
> >   directory 'root' underneath your applications base path.

> Where did you find that?
> I did a grep root on the svn.

As I wrote I didn't find anything about it.

This is just the way how I created the templates successfully.
If there is a better way to accomplish this I'd be very interested.
Bernhard Graf

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