[html-formfu] dates

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 09:36:17 GMT 2007

On 13/09/2007, Jim Spath <jspath at pangeamedia.com> wrote:
> Has there been any consideration of a standard Year element?  The Date
> element is extremely handy, and I think a year element would also be a
> nice addition.

Is this to be based on a Select element again?
If so, then it'd be best to make it API-compatible with the Date
element's year field, and make the Date element use it internally, so
there's no code duplication.
I would also suggest it's named "YearSelect".

Note: I'm considering renaming the Date element to "DateSelect".
If I do, I'll keep the old Date around while the code's still beta,
but it'll spew "deprecated" warnings.
Then for v1.0, the Date element would be removed.
Feedback welcome - and if I do this, I'll top-post to the list about it.

> Similarly, I was wondering if some standardized date constraints might
> also be a good idea.  The most basic one would be to check to see if a
> date is valid.  More advanced ones could make sure the date is within an
> allowable range.

You can use the Date Inflator - which will return an error to the user
if it's an invalid date, just like a constraint would.

Or for a Select year field, you can just add an AutoSet constraint,
and it'll ensure the value is one of the select menu's values.


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