[html-formfu] DBIx::Class::HTML::FormFu

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 11:10:20 GMT 2007

On 19/09/2007, Cosmin Budrica <cosmin at sns.ro> wrote:
> $relationship->populate_from_formfu(
>         $form,
> );
> Works great, but what if I have another column in database that is not
> present on the form? Like an auto generated password.
> How do I add a value to it?
> Could always do after populating $relationship with an update, but that
> messes the "not null" constraint that a password should have.

Probably the simplest way that already works would be, e.g.:

    my $passwd = generate_passwd();

    $form->add_valid( passwd => $passwd );

    $resultset->populate_from_formfu( $form );

add_valid() works for fieldnames that don't exist in the form.


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