[html-formfu] new cpan releases

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 16:00:12 GMT 2007

I've uploaded the latest changes to cpan in the following packages:
    HTML-FormFu 0.01005
    DBIx-Class-HTML-FormFu 0.01002

As usual, they should be available within hours.

I've also uploaded a new distribution, Catalyst-View-TT-Alloy.
If you're setting HTML-FormFu to use Template::Alloy instead of TT,
you may want to switch your Cat app to use View::TT::Alloy, so that
you're not loading both TT and Template::Alloy in memory.

(You'll need to test your app, as Template::Alloy doesn't support all
TT features).


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