[html-formfu] Template::Alloy rendering error

Brian Cassidy brian.cassidy at nald.ca
Fri Sep 21 19:01:20 GMT 2007

Hey All,

I'm trying to speed up my form rendering -- I have a page with about 
1200 checkbox + label pairs that I'm trying to display and it's taking 
about 15 seconds with TT2 before the page shows up.

I thought I might try Template::Allow to see if it improves anything. 
However, if i set


in my app config and try to view a form, i get the following error:

Couldn't render template "undef error - undef error - Can't locate 
object method "force_error_message" via package 
"HTML::FormFu::Render::Form" at 
/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Template/Alloy.pm line 578.

This is using the latest HTML-FormFu released today with up-to-date 

Any ideas?

Maybe there's a better way to render such a massive amount of data?


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