[html-formfu] unicode and yml?

Josef Chladek josef.chladek at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 13:03:26 GMT 2007

Am 24.09.2007 um 13:37 schrieb Carl Franks:

> On 24/09/2007, Josef Chladek <josef.chladek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hello list,
>> when I use the config from yml [1], my output is wrong, as soon as I
>> put [% form %] in my tt (umlauts garbled).
>> when I do the config in my Controller [2], everything's working.
>> following the thread in
>> http://lists.scsys.co.uk/pipermail/html-formfu/2007-August/ 
>> 000190.html
>> looked like that the yml/unicode problem was solved (I'm using
>> YAML::Syck 0.97) - any chance on getting this working correctly with
>> yml files?
> Are you saving the files as utf-8, or some iso variant?
> If you're using utf-8, then it should work - I don't know about other
> encodings though.

yes, unicode everywhere - there are no umlauts in the yml file (nor  
the corresponding code in the controller), but the files are saved  
utf8 (textmate and vim say so) and the controller uses 'use utf8;'

> When you tested with umlauts in the controller, did you "use utf8;"  
> in the file?
> Because you should have needed to. If it appeared to work without
> that, then something was still going wrong.
> FormFu sets the appropriate flags to make both YAML::Syck and TT
> handle utf-8 correctly (see ObjectUtil.pm load_config_file() and
> Render/base.pm xhtml() for details)
> - so my first suggestion is to ensure your yaml + TT files are utf-8
> encoded, and then, if you're viewing this in a browser, ensure you're
> setting the page encoding, or if you're viewing this in a console,
> make sure it can display unicode ok.
> The examples you sent didn't seem to have any umlauts in - was that  
> intended?

yes, the umlauts are in the tt files and as soon as [% form %]  
appears they are broken.
in the View::TT I use

I tried to comment out as much as possible in the formfu files: as  
soon as
in start_form is processed, the umlauts are bad.

with the controller code everything's working except that I can't get
what is needed to populate the form after a submit?


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