[html-formfu] enhance form

Josef Chladek josef.chladek at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 12:21:15 GMT 2007

Am 25.09.2007 um 13:19 schrieb Carl Franks:

> On 25/09/2007, Josef Chladek <josef.chladek at gmail.com> wrote:
>> hello,
>> I have my form-config in yml. my application checks if a user is
>> logged on and is of a certain type, if so, the form should be
>> enhanced with 4 select fields.
>> the rendered form has all the fields in it, but whenever the form is
>> submitted,
>> $c->stash->{form}->param(xxx)
>> is empty - although I can see the param(s) in the catalyst body  
>> posted.
>> how would I do that?
> After submission, you need to add those extra fields again, because
> input for unknown fieldnames is ignored.
> After you've done that, you'll need to call $form->process()

thanks, $form->process() was missing, now it's working...

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