[html-formfu] insert a field to defined postion?

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 15:51:21 GMT 2007

On 25/09/2007, Josef Chladek <josef.chladek at gmail.com> wrote:
> hello again,
> I use my .yml for existing users to edit their data, except that the
> can't change the username, so I do not include that in my config.
> if I now want to use the same config for new users to create, I would
> need the field username, I can append it to the bottom of the form,
> but how would I insert it at the beginning of the form? is there a way?

The way I've dealt with this is by having multiple yaml files.
So, if the rest of the fields are in 'user_edit.yml'.

Put the username field in 'user_username.yml'.

Then create a 'user_existing.yml' that looks something like this:

      - user_username.yml
      - user_edit.yml

Then depending on your need, create your form from either
'user_edit.yml' or 'user_existing.yml'.

A completely different alternative is to use insert_before().
This requires you to use auto_fieldset(), or just manually place the
fields in a fieldset.

Say the first field in the normal form is 'email', then you could do
something like this:

    $fieldset = $form->get_element({ type => 'Fieldset' });
            HTML::FormFu->new->element({ name => 'username' }),

But that's pretty nasty, and you'd probably be better of with the
first solution :)


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