[html-formfu] Remove <span></span> tag

kewei xiao kewei.xiao at nald.ca
Fri Sep 28 13:19:40 GMT 2007

Hi Carl

     I have a fieldset and a customized radio button group, I want to 
remove the <span> tag wrapped around them.  I am using "container_tag: 
~" in both yml and customized element, but it still can't get rid of the 
<span> tag

     here is what I did:


            - type: Block
              tag: fieldset
              id: copyright
                - type: Block
                  tag: legend
                  content: Copyright
                - type: +MY::Apps::Form::Element::CopyRightStatus
                  container_tag: ~
                  id: status
                  attributes_xml: { onchange: "addInfo(this.id)" }
                    class: radiogroup

     *customized element*:
              use base qw( HTML::FormFu::Element::Radiogroup );

              sub new {
                  my $self = shift->SUPER::new( @_ );

                  my $c = $self->form->stash->{ context };

                  my $status
                      = $c->model( 'Apps::CopyrightStatus' )->search;

                  $self->options( [ map { {
                      container_tag => '~',
                      'label' => $_->description,
                      'value' => $_->status_id }
                      } $status->all ] );

                 return $self;

Thank you

Ke Wei

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