[html-formfu] PATCH for timezone support for H::F::Inflator::DateTime

Michele Beltrame mb at cattlegrid.info
Wed Jul 23 08:17:20 BST 2008

Hi Carl!

> Also, the 'strptime' hashref gets passed to
> DateTime::Format::Strptime->new(), which also accepts a 'time_zone'
> argument.
> Would it be a good idea to also pass along the inflator's 'time_zone',
> if there's not one set in the 'strptime' arguments?

I applied the patch (with tests+docs), along with what you suggested
here, which seems a good idea to me.
At present it just looks if there's a time_zone and add it to the
"strptime" arguments, which is probably what the user always want. We
could also handle (with another patch) the case where the user could
pass a time_zone for the inflated DateTime and a different one for the
Strptime formatter, but I wonder if such flexibility is necessary.


Michele Beltrame
ICQ 76660101 - MSN mb at italpro.net

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