[html-formfu] Redirection after an error

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Fri May 30 21:06:27 BST 2008

Hi Carl,

You help me when you talk about the form action. I change it to http://localhost:3000/person/view/1#tab1 and now it's working :). I notice you are the owner of FormFu. Thanks for your job it should be very long and hard to produce this super module.

Thanks for you help and your attention.


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2008/5/29  <hallouina-formfu at yahoo.fr>:
> Hello,
> I have a web page splitted into 3 tabs. I have a form on the first tab. On the second tab I display a list of object from a table. I can add object in the second tab with FormFu and I redirect to this second tab after the validation (here :  http://localhost:3000/person/view/1#tab2 ). It works fine.

Hi Antoine,

I'm guessing you're using a JS library to fake tabs within a single
page, but you don't explain whether the content for the tabs comes
from the original html file, or whether it loads a new url for each

> And I fill my form in the first tab. If my form isn't full fill, i get this message : "This field is required". But i'm redirect from the prefious url : the second tab. I suppose this is because the default FormFu behavior is to redirect to the previous url in case of error. To avoid this problem I add this line to my controller :

HTML-FormFu doesn't know anything about redirects - that's purely
dependant on your web-framework.
I'm guessing your form is using the same URL for it's "action"
attribute as is used to display the form - that would explain this

>        if ($form->submitted && $form->has_errors) {
>                $c->response->redirect($c->uri_for("/person/view/$id_person#tab1")); $c->detach;
>        }

If you want to display errors, you can't do a redirect - as that makes
the client's browser make a new request to to the server, and the
previously submitted data is lost.
I normally just do this (with Catalyst):

sub foo {
    my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

    my $form = $self->stash->{form};

    if ( $form->submitted_and_valid ) {
        # no errors - do processing stuff

    # if there are errors, it'll just fall through to here, and
redisplay the form



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