[html-formfu] HTML::FormFu keeps a filehandle opened?

Octavian Râşniţă orasnita at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 16:28:41 GMT 2009


I am trying to make some changes in the module 
DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::File and I found a problem.

I have a table with records that contain a "file" field, which contains the 
name of the file that was uploaded using the HTML::FormFu File element.

When a record is accessed, for the "file" field the DBIx::Class inflator 
returns a hash ref with 2 elements: the file handle and the file name.

If I get that record in a standalone application, while the application is 
running, or until the file handle gets out of scope, the file handle remains 
opened and I can't move or delete the file from the hard disk.

If I use HTML::FormFu for modifying that record, after the values of the 
fields are displayed in the editing form, the file handle is also opened, 
but it remains opened until I restart the Catalyst app.

(And if I want to delete it using that editing form, I can't do it because I 
don't know how to close that file handle first.)

Does anyone know what could I do to not keep that file handle opened?
It seems that when it is accessed in Catalyst with HTML::FormFu it never 
gets out of scope.
I created that file handle with Path::Class::File.

Thank you for any idea.


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