[html-formfu] Filter using 'field' within a Repeatable Multi field

stephen.shorrock at googlemail.com stephen.shorrock at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 3 11:41:29 GMT 2010

Dear List,

I'm attempting to use the Filter::CopyValue within a multi element which  =

itself is inside a repeatable block. I'm trying to copy the value from  =

another field in the same multi (ie also same row). However things aren't  =

going to plan It doesn't seem to be working, possibly because the field  =

name is not being updated with the nested name.

Snippet from config:

- type: Repeatable
name: staff_rep
increment_field_names: 1
auto_id: %n
counter_name: staff_repnum
- type: Multi
name: staff
- type: Text
name: name
- type: Text
name: prefname
- type: CopyValue
field: name
#also tried field: staff_rep.staff.name and field:staff.name

Should the value of 'field' in the filter be being updated? what would be  =

the best way to, perhaps, write my own filter say that will use the  =

modified names what methods can I use to access the current row and format  =

to append the row count to? or perhaps there is a better way?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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