[html-formfu] MultiForm current_form_number is 1 for form 1 and 2

Nick Spacek nick.spacek at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 12:14:50 GMT 2010

> current_form_number() is from the point of view of $form->process() -
>  not $form->render().

Alright, I understand! :) Thanks for the explanation.

As a suggestion however, since FormFu knows what form it's rendering it
might also be useful for designers to have an easy way to get at that
information. If there are specific template steps to be taken for each step
of the form (as in my case), it would be helpful. I guess as a workaround
(that's what I'd consider it! :) the code you suggested would work.
Additionally, I don't immediately see the practical usefulness of
current_form_number as a public method, especially with that name.

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