[html-formfu] password processing

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 20:34:39 GMT 2010

Hi Carl,

From: "Carl Franks" <fireartist at gmail.com>
> This is just a minor edit of HTML::FormFu::Transformer::Callback...
> package MyApp::MyValidator;
> use strict;
> use base 'HTML::FormFu::Validator';

Shouldn't extend HTML::FormFu::Transformer?

> sub validate_value {

Does it use validate_value just like the validator does? My main problem was 
that I don't know what subroutine I need to override, and In
HTML::FormFu::Transformer::Callback I have seen just a transformer() method.

This code doesn't look similar with the one in 

Am I missing something?

Thank you.


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