[html-formfu] Losing default value on update

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Fri Oct 15 10:23:15 GMT 2010

Good evening,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this; had to find time 
to investigate it more.

On 2/09/10 at 9:50 PM +0100, Carl Franks <fireartist at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 26 August 2010 18:02, Charlie Garrison <garrison at zeta.org.au> wrote:
>> I've got a read-only field (from HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC) which is losing
>> the displayed value after form is submitted. I've tried various combinations
>> of force_default, retain_default, etc but don't seem to be able to get the
>> right configuration.
>Sorry, I'm not clear on exactly what behaviour you're seeing, and what
>you're expecting - can you clarify?

I'm using a field of type Label to display field/value for 
current record, eg:

     - type: Label
       name: username
       label: User Name

When the form first loads `$form->model->default_values($user)` 
the username is displayed as expected in the html page. After 
submitting the form, the username is blank in the html page.

>> All other fields in the form get saved to the db as expected. Am I doing
>> something wrong in the config or controller action?
>Are you expecting the read_only field value to be saved to the database?

No, I'm expecting the form field defined as type Label to retain 
it's value after a form submission.

>All the read_only option does is cause update/create to not update the
>column corresponding to that field.
>In the most basic use, it doesn't need force_default or retain_default
>to be set - so can you explain what you're wanting that to do?

Hopefully I've clarified above what I'm wanting. I've figured 
out why the Label field is losing its value. But I'm not sure 
how to fix it or how I should be using FormFu instead.

The cause of the problem is simple, there is no `username` value 
being submitted with the form since there is no html <input 
type=hidden> for the Label field. The form is populated with 
submitted data which doesn't contain the username, so therefore 
username appears blank.

I tried creating a Hidden field type named `username`, but I get 
the following error when submitting the form:

Can't locate object method "delete_nested_hash_value" via 
package "HTML::FormFu" at 
/Library/Perl/5.8.8/HTML/FormFu/Element/Label.pm line 77.

I'm guessing that is due to two elements with the same name.

It's quite likely I've got the wrong config/setup, but I'm not 
sure what I should be doing. The only solution I've thought of 
is to set the default_value for `username` field regardless of 
whether the form has been submitted. That doesn't seem like the 
right solution though. Would changing the Label element to 
optionally include a hidden field be a workable solution?

To simplify this issue, is there a 'correct' way to display a 
static/read-only value (eg. Label element) which is retained 
after submitting a form?


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