[html-formfu] Model::DBIC inserts empty strings instead of NULL values

Dmitry Bigunyak icestar at inbox.ru
Thu Apr 21 21:41:24 GMT 2011

I faced with this problem after upgraded from version 
HTML-FormFu-Model-DBIC-0.06000 to the next one.

In version 0.06000 if I had a table with varchar column and is_nullable 
option was set I got NULL values inserted for it on submit. In my 
example I have a column 'username' with UNIQUE constraint for it.
The next release-0.08002 broke my application. In that release author 
made a bugfix:

' - Fix: Was trying to pass undef to NOT NULL columns - changed check 
from ( $is_nullable || ... ) to ( $is_nullable && ... ) appears to have 
been unintentionally changed in svn r93 when the code was a part of 

Instead of NULL values the module started insert empty strings and I got 
a lot of "Duplicate entry '' for key" errors. So, I posted a bug report 
to the CPAN bug tracker and had to downgrade.

Today the last release version is 0.09000, but I still can't upgrade. I 
thought about using ignore_if_empty option, but I lose ability to unset 
the column value to NULL with it.

Can someone suggest me the way to solve this problem.
Dmitry Bigunyak
email: icestar at inbox.ru

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