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Peter Shangov pshangov at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 14:42:31 GMT 2011

Hi Matthias,

(I am forwarding this discussion back to the mailing list, I think its' better if it is archived there)

This is basically the conclusion that I came to after doing some fiddling with H::FF. I initially planned to do a separate module (Catalyst::Model::FormFu::Deferred) that will allow the cache to be built at some later point (e.g. in 'after setup_components => sub {...}' or in the first request), and while that will work for the 'config_callback' hook, it will not quite work for localization.

Unfortunately I have used neither Catalyst's nor FormFu's localization features and am not quite sure what is a good way to resolve this. I could re-populate the form upon each request, but that will certainly wipe out a lot of the performance gains of C::M::FF.



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> Hi Peter,
> it seems there is some work needed within FormFu itself for this to work 
> properly.  The four lines I sent to you two days ago work in that way that the 
> cache isn't built on each request.  But it's not working if you're 
> using several languages, because the forms are localized with the first context 
> object which may have a different language set than the current one.
> I just tested some things with your new module version and FormFu.  It seems 
> FormFu localizes almost every I18N key right after loading the file, some later 
> with the correct settings.  So I end up with a form that is partly localized.  
> Not good ;-).
> I don't know all internals of FormFu but from my perspective it would be an 
> option to cache the config hash read from the file and let FormFu load it 
> again.  What were the biggest culprits with FormFu itself?  Searching for the 
> file, reading it or loading the config?  Would it be an option to load the 
> config each time the form is accessed again?  This could be implemented so the 
> config is only loaded again when there's a config_callback or localize 
> settings.
> Thanks,
>   Matthias
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