[html-formfu] RFC: Catalyst::Model::FormFu

Matthias Dietrich perl at rainboxx.de
Wed Jul 20 11:00:10 GMT 2011

Hi Peter,

I'm currently testing this model.  With it, I can save up to 50% of the tim=
e a request takes (on a page where several forms are loaded).  Love it, tha=
nk you for this!

I encountered some issue when switching from the controller to the model:

 * __uri_for(/path)__ doesn't work anymore, which I used excessively
 * L10N seemed to not work either
 * No form was getting query params, so they stayed empty after submitting =
and my controller wasn't able to read params from FormFu

So I cloned your repo and added some functionality that Catalyst::Controlle=
r::FormFu uses.  Please take a look here: https://github.com/rainboxx/catal=
There's no documentation for it, neither is the Changes file changed.  I te=
sted config_callback as well as languages_from_context and localize_from_co=
ntext.  The other methods should work, too, but I don't have any experience=
 with it.


Am 02.06.2011 um 19:25 schrieb Peter Shangov:

> Hi all,
> =

> I have uploaded an experimental interface to FF as a Catalyst model on gi=
thub: https://github.com/pshangov/catalyst-model-formfu
> =

> The main difference from Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu is that all f=
orms are loaded and populated during startup time, and then each time you r=
equest a particular form a cloned object is returned. The goal is improved =
performance of persistent applications. =

> =

> I would love to get your feedback before I put this on CPAN.
> =

> Cheers,
> =

> --
> Peter

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