[html-formfu] Found leak in HTML::FormFu::Localize

Matthias Dietrich perl at rainboxx.de
Thu Sep 29 16:01:22 GMT 2011

Oh wait, tests are not passing anymore.  Something went wrong...

Ok, so I fixed the test t/i18n/add_localize_object.t so it holds a strong r=
eference of the localize_object outside of FormFu.

To fix the test t/i18n/add_localize_object_from_class.t I need some wisdom =
of the community.  I guess when using add_localize_object_from_class, local=
ize_object will have no other reference than within localize_data, so weake=
n it will destroy it.  So I added a key within $self to indicate whether to=
 weaken the localize_object or not.

Basically how the weaken_localize_object key is added and retrieved seems a=
 bad way to me, but I think I cannot add another parameter to add_localize_=
object() because it is used by other modules and would break them.  Any tho=
ughts about this?

Please find a new patch attached to this mail or view the commit a github: =


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