[html-formfu] Catalyst: FormFu localisation doesn't work, templates & controllers localisation do

Jan Grmela jan.grmela at imakers.cz
Tue Jul 17 14:07:16 GMT 2012

Hi there,
I'm just in process of implementation translations to our new app.
We're using Catalyst with Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FromFu and
Template Toolkit as a templating engine along with
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N to localize our app.

The base translation is done using a plain strings (not translation
keys). So for "Sign In", we've got in the cs.po file "Přihlásit se"
(in Czech).

The problem we have is the template & controlller translation work
fine (the text after and before the form is translated) but we can't
make FormFu to use the non-english translated file.

Our config:
'Controller::HTML::FormFu' =>  {
		constructor => {
            			render_method	=> 'tt',
			tt_args => {
				ENCODING => 'UTF-8'
		languages_from_context  => 1,
		localize_from_context   => 1,

Test form:
method: post
id: login_form
auto_constraint_class: constraint_%t
 - type: Text
   label_loc: Sign In
   name: test
   - type: Required
 - type: Submit
   name: submit_btn
   value_loc: Sign In
     class: button right

 - TrimEdges
 - HTMLEscape

Translation file
msgid "Sign In"
msgstr "Přihlásit se"

Even if we do $form->languages(['cs']) manually and then process the
form (along with some other code as suggested at
only the original texts are still loaded.

The languages method before manual setting returns 'en', afterwards
the output is changed to 'cs' but the $form->{localize_data} still
contains the same data:
	'dies_on_missing_key' => 1,
	'localize_object' => bless( {
		'_external_lex_cache' => {}
	}, 'HTML::FormFu::I18N::en' )

How can I make the form translation work? The language doesn't seem to
be set correctly -- I've even tried setting it to Italian which have
already translated form error strings in F::I18N::it and they're still
displayed in English.

Jan Grmela
jan.grmela at imakers.cz
+420 608 110 686

iMakers, s.r.o.
Absolonova 725/81, Brno, 62400, Czech Republic

ICO/Id: 29228875
DIC/VAT No: CZ29228875

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