[html-formfu] new cpan release HTML-FormFu 0.09009

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 09:59:22 GMT 2012

I've upload a new release of HTML-FormFu to cpan.

I uploaded 0.09008 last week, but it failed indexing because of a
permissions error - so uploaded 0.09009 this morning after I got the
permissions fixed.
...and just noticed 0.09008 is listed on search.cpan.org anyway - go figure!
It doesn't matter which version you get ahold of - they only differ in
their version numbers.

Change log:
    - Make sure object can('checked') before calling checked() (colinnewell)
    - Updated Repeatable control to update id_field on DBIC::Unique if present
    - Added support for arbitrary elements within Multi blocks so that they
      don't need to support methods like _striing_field and label etc.
    - ComboBox new get_select_field_nested_name(), get_text_field_nested_name()
    - Fieldset new legend_attributes() method.
    - New form_error_message_class() method.
    - Constraint 'when' callback now receives $constraint as 2nd argument.

Many thanks to everyone who contribute fixes and new features that
have made it into this release.


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