[html-formfu] One to many inserting lots of blank rows

Scott Simpson scott at simpzoid.com
Tue Oct 16 22:25:13 GMT 2012

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On 15 October 2012 15:47, scott <scott at simpzoid.com> wrote:
> I have a form with a 1-to-many relationship which uses a repeatable block.
> The default behaviour worked perfectly when I only had text boxes. 
> I.e. if the repeatable row contained all blanks no row was inserted 
> into the database if there was something worth inserting it got inserted.
> Unfortunately when I added a text field I now get a row for every row 
> in the repeatable block.  Is there a way to change this behaviour so 
> rows with nothing but the default date do not get inserted.l

Hi Scott,

If the Repeatable contains another field which is required for insertion,
you could add the "ignore_if_empty" option to that field - for example

  - name: title
      ignore_if_empty: 1
  - name: date
    type: Date

Would that work for you here?




That would work for me OK.  

I did look at that option before my post but couldn't get it to work.  My
config looks like this:

        name   title
        type    Text
            ignore_if_empty 1
        name   date
        type    Date

I have tried lots of variations on this but none of them seem to work.  I am
going to change my config to yaml as that seems to be more common but if you
could point out what is wrong with the above config I'd be grateful.


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