[Html-widget] Offer of help / question about H::W status

Ash Berlin ash at cpan.org
Tue Aug 1 16:18:40 CEST 2006

Michael Gray wrote:
>> If so yes, that makes sense - in fact I almost ended up doing something 
>> akin to that before, but I found out I didn't need to.
>> I think the one caveat is to make sure the old behaviour is maintained. 
>> This would basically entail putting all of the functionality you 
>> describe in the BLE class which isa HTML::Widget::Element.
> Yup, pretty much, perhaps with one or two new convenience methods in 
> H::W.  Processing in H::W would need to be refactored, but in a 
> backwards-compatible way.
Yup - the processing was even worse before - it handled things 
differently depending on which method you called (as_xml, elements, etc.)

Sounds good. /me waits expectantly for patch


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