[Html-widget] Offer of help / question about H::W status

Bogdan Lucaciu bogdan at wiz.ro
Wed Aug 2 13:28:05 CEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 12:50 +0100, Michael Gray wrote:
> HTML::Widget and DBIx::Class::HTMLWidget are just right for my current
> project, or would be with a few fixes.  The most important of those is
> for nested fieldset support, as discussed on this list recently.

I might go a bit off-thread with this, but I noted some problems that
might need fixing (and were not already discussed on the list):
1. You can't control the 'comment' by using a custom Container, unless
you start modifying the label element (find the comment, remove it, move
it somewhere else) . The comment's position is hardcoded in mk_label.
This is useful , because I might need:
 Phone number: [ input ] (don't forget the area code)
CSS positioning might not be enough for most cases. 

2. I should be able to simply add a 'required' marker on elements with
'All' constraint, that does not interfere with the comment (like a red

3. I should be able to put a callback constraints that run the
constraint _once_ with all the elements as parameters. Now the callback
is ran multiple times,  for every element.

4. Grouping constraints (like Any or Equal) should not cause the error
message to be displayed on every element, it's quite ugly. I'm not sure
what the solution is, maybe only the first element in the group should
show the error.

5. process should be able to track by itself  if the form was submitted
(by using a hidden field for example). If I supply the request object it
fires the constraint code even if the form was not submitted. 
Now I have to do the check myself:
if ($c->req->params->{submitted}) {
} else {

If some of the problems I presented don't actually exist, feel free to
correct me :) 

Of course, I can help with coding and testing (zamolxes on irc.perl.org)

Bogdan Lucaciu <bogdan at wiz.ro>

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