[Html-widget] Patch for RadioGroup to support fieldsets

Michael Gray mjg17 at eng.cam.ac.uk
Fri Aug 4 17:26:45 CEST 2006

On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Carl Franks wrote:

> I'm not sure whether this is the best approach, as it means adding yet
> another 'elsif' for any other container types.

I tend to agree, and although it's a useful bodge for the moment, today 
I was thinking that it would be unnecessary and should probably be 
withdrawn once nested containers are supported.

By the way, I found some nice styling today which holds the input 
fields in an ordered list within a fieldset, and this also has some 
accessibility benefits.  This kind of thing should be easy with nested 

> Regarding refactoring, etc...
> I know sri spoke before about moving H::W to using Moose, so I'm going
> to read all the Moose / Class::MOP docs this weekend, and see if I can
> get my head round it all.
> Hopefully I'll see why sri thought it would be a better base, and I'll
> also see if it solves any of these issues such as overriding and
> extending.

I'll have a read too.  Are they in search.cpan.org or are there useful 
docs elsewhere?

Have a good weekend


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