[Html-widget] v1.08 released

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 13:05:02 CEST 2006

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to H-W.
Version 1.08 has been uploaded to pause, and should be available from cpan soon.


        - Changed $widget->action(). Instead of defaulting to "/" it is left
          empty. This causes browsers to submit the form to the current URI.
        - Fixed fatal bug on an empty Select options() list
        - Fixed bug where $result->error(..., $type) would return all errors
          but those of $type
        - $e->containerize now requires the container_class and dies with a
          more helpful message if require of class fails
        - new methods $widget->get_element(), $widget->get_constraint(),
        - In constraint no longer fails when the in() list is empty
        - When multiple Checkbox elements share the same name, the element ids
          are given the form 'name_1', 'name_2', etc. This ensures unique ids.
        - Regex and Number constraints now allow the empty string, for
          consistency with other constraints. If you need to ensure the
          value is present, also use the All constraint.
        - Constraint, Element and Filter names can be prefixed with a unary
          plus '+' to specify a fully-qualified module name, rather than one
          beginning with HTML::Widget::Constraint::, etc.
        - Fixed bug with ASCII constraint not allowing the space character.

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