[Html-widget] PATCH: embed problems

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Wed Aug 23 10:16:48 CEST 2006

I all of a sudden had massive problems with embeded widgets, so I  
tried my best to fix it. The problem for me was that DBIC::HTMLWidget  
broke its fill_widget.

The symptom was that the elements I got back from get_elements on the  
master widget was problematic, and also that there was no record of  
embeded widgets.

what turned out to be the solution was in the embed funciton to use  
the functions to get elements on the widgets passed in for embedding,  
not the _elements hash-entries.

If this is just due to a missunderstanding of the usage, then please  
rectify me as much as you please :)

it also reindents some sections to make it easier on the eye.

Ohh, and it adds another attribute, autocomplete, which is not a  
standard html attribute on forms, but it is used and understood by  
atleast ie, safari and firefox as to not store the values entered  
into the form (prevents "Do you want to save this password?" stuff,  
and also values from overriding defaults, the comboboxfeeling where  
you get the autocomplete from the browser.

Its just a convenciance really :)

The patch is against trunk (I think).

have a nice day everyone.


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