[Html-widget] v1.10 released to cpan

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 15:35:37 CEST 2006

Version 1.10 has been pushed to cpan.

While it's working it's way through the indexer, it can be downloaded from here


        - RadioGroup elements are now wrapped in a fieldset tag.

        - HTML::Widget->new() and $w->element() now accepts a hash-ref of
          attributes as an argument, after the name argument.

        - $w->attributes() and $e->attributes() now accepts either a list
          or a hash-ref. Returns the object-ref for method chaining.
          A hash-ref no longer overwrites existing attributes, it is now
          added to the existing attributes. As a special-case, the
          attributes hash-ref is returned if no arguments are passed.

        - All fields elements (except Upload) have a $e->retain_default
          method, which if true overrides the default behaviour, so that
          after a field is missing from the form submission, the xml output
          will contain the default value, rather than be empty.

        - $widget has new methods get_elements_ref(), get_filters_ref()
          and get_constraints_ref() which return an arrayref.

        - $result has new method elements_ref() which returns an arrayref.


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