[Html-widget] Radio button group

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Sat Sep 30 08:56:43 CEST 2006

Sorry for the late reply here, but I have a few suggestions.

On 27. sep. 2006, at 10.54, Carl Franks wrote:

> On 25/09/06, A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at gmx.de> wrote:
>> No, with a FIELDSET, à la
> d'oh!
> Of course, thanks.
> It brings up a few problems though, so I think I'm going to have to
> add a couple more class definitions, and change the example CSS file
> supplied.
> This is an example of the current markup.
> Note that it includes a label, a comment, and an error.
>   <label class="labels_with_errors" id="w_f_label">

the class doest need to say its a class on a label..

you can do that in css with:


another suggestion would be to add a similar class for the ones with  
a comment like:

<label class="error comment" id="w_f_label">

that way you can style things differently if it has a comment, and if  
it has an error, or both.

I for one would like to increase height when there is a comment, but  
I cannot do that as of now, as I cant know if the label contains  
comments :)

>   <span class="labels_with_errors" id="w_f">
>     <fieldset class="radiogroup">
>       <span class="radiogroup_label" id="widget_fs_foo_label">
>         My Label
>       </span>

Why dont use an actual label here? would ease the styling, as most  
would like this to be styled the same way as other labels I assume.

.radiogroup_buttons will default to display: inline; as its a span,  
which is an inline element.


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