[Html-widget] HTML-FormFu example xhtml

Mario Minati mario at minati.de
Fri Jan 19 21:05:16 GMT 2007

Hi Carl,

that where very quick two weeks ;-)

Your FomFu offers quite some improvements over the current widget layout 
functions, which is very promising.

Few questions:

The radiogroup rg3 doesn't show labels for the subgroups. On purpose?

Why has the fieldset class in css a width of exactly 80%?

The way you provide of highlighting error elements is fine, might there 
be the possibility of setting a special class attribut for labels and/or 
elements that are required/have a special kind of constraint. What I 
mean is to set a css class based on the constraints of an element.

Can I reimplement the form module later on, so that I implement a 
special one for dojo with the use of formbind?

Have a nice evening,

Mario Minati

Carl Franks schrieb:
> I've mentioned a couple of times recently that I've been working on a
> replacement for H-W.
> It's codename is HTML::FormFu, and I've decided to post an example of
> the markup it currently generates, including example css, in case
> anyone's interested in giving feedback.
> http://www.fireartist.com/tmp/html-formfu/vertically-aligned.html
> So far I've only tested it on firefox (linux/windows) and IE (windows).
> Here's the program used to create the page:
> http://www.fireartist.com/tmp/html-formfu/vertically-aligned.pl
> http://www.fireartist.com/tmp/html-formfu/vertically-aligned.tt
> It's a bit crowded due to the size of the form, but it provides an
> example of the similarities/differences with H-W.
> Here's the css:
> http://www.fireartist.com/tmp/html-formfu/vertically-aligned.css
> http://www.fireartist.com/tmp/html-formfu/vertically-aligned-ie.css
> The 2nd file contains an IE-only style. It's loaded using a html/IE
> comment hack.
> It's not that big a deal, style-wise, if you choose to not include the
> IE css file.
> Most of the code functionality is working but I can't put it in a
> public svn quite yet, as I started off with the H-W codebase, and so
> the copyright notices in all the files are out of whack. - A minor
> thing which I'll fix after the weekend.
> However, for now, I'm just hoping that I get some feedback on my
> proposed markup and css classname use.
> Cheers,
> Carl
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