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Rodrigo rodrigolive at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 18:28:41 BST 2009

I've decided to post this here, to a more mojomojo-oriented audience.

I haven't had almost any time to spend on this little revamp of the styles
of the Catalyst community wiki. But here it is...


It's all brute-forced into the catalystframework.org stylesheet, with some
tweaking-around with headings. The theme.css still has quite a few unused

It's running on a slow single threaded dev-server, so pls be patient.. Login
is disabled except for guest/guest. Try not to break it too badly.

The catsite theme, and modified files (header.tt and footer.tt) can be
downloaded here:


Hope I didn't leave anything out.

Any feedback or patches are welcome. Otherwise, commit pls.


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