[MojoMojo] Installing MojoMojo from FreeBSD's Ports

SanzanZerg aznstargazer at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 20:11:27 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,
    I wanted to install MojoMojo and determine if this CMS is the right one
for me.  The problem is, I cannot figure out how to get it working.  I have
checked the mojomojo.org web page including the installation and deployment
section and also looked through this mailing list archives.  A Google search
of "MojoMojo FreeBSD installation" and various other keywords does not give
me anything useful.

    My system is a FreeBSD 7.2-release install with 512 megs of memory, 1ghz
processor, and plenty of hard drive space.  Apache (which is not recommended
by MojoMojo, but I know how to use it and prefer it) is installed and
working correctly.  I went to the p5-MojoMojo port and ran "make install
distclean", keeping all the default options checked.  Everything went
smoothly and MojoMojo installed correctly (no errors all distfiles cleaned).

    I could not make sense of where the MojoMojo files are.  (I ran locate
and find MojoMojo)  I found a few mojomojo_*.pl files (cgi, create, fastcgi,
server, spawn_db, test) in the /usr/local/bin folder.  I could not find the
mojomojo.conf file.  I also could not find instructions on how to deploy it
on your website.  Also, during a locate, a work directory came up but when
cd to that directory, it was not there.
(/usr/ports/www/p5-MojoMojo/work/MojoMojo-0.999027/) [Work folder does not
exist and in turn MojoMojo-0.999027 does not either.]

    Is there a step by step?  What files do I copy to my Apache data folder
so I can host it online?  If I can get this installation working, I would
definitely want to post this on your website so that other people using
FreeBSD can install and use MojoMojo.

Thank you for your help.
Dang Hoang

PS Relevant Information:
System: 1ghz Pentium Processor, 512 Megs Ram, FreeBSD 7.2-Release OS
Port: /usr/ports/www/p5-MojoMojo 
MojoMojo version 0.999027
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