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Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Fri May 1 19:39:28 GMT 2009

2009/4/29 Bernhard Graf <list-mojomojo at augensalat.de>

> On Mon, 27. April 2009, Bernhard Graf wrote:
> > I installed MojoMojo today from the git repo and playing a little bit
> > with it. It looks really promising, but I have a few things that
> > don't work (yet?).
> No answers? I wonder what this means...
> - no ideas ?
> - lack of interest ?
> - I'm lying - there aren't any errors ?
> - nobody else on this list ?

Mostly it's

- Marcus sucks at mails :-/
 our development discussions happen on IRC in #mojomojo. We''l try to
improve tho.

Sorry about that. The Session error is a known issue, we released the new
session store after discovering it, and will be dependening on it in the
next release of mojomojo. With regards to permissions, they do work, I use
them in our work wiki. The permissions are supposed to be duplicate like
that, one rule for the actual node, and one rule for it's children.

> > Saving an edited page for the first time results in a Catalyst
> > "Please come back later" page. The internal error message is
> >
> > [error] MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Page::content(): Column
> > content_version not loaded or not passed to new() prior to insert()
> > on MojoMojo::Model::DBIC::Page=3DHASH(0x64c1488) trying to resolve
> > relationship (maybe you forgot to call ->reload_from_storage to get
> > defaults from the
> > db) at
> > /home/graf/perl/mojomojo/script/../lib/MojoMojo/Controller/PageAdmin.
> >pm line 126
> >
> > Actually a page with empty content is created.
> > When I press back and press "save" again, it works (=3D update).
> This seems to be related to the following:
> http://n2.nabble.com/DBIx::Class-0.08100-released-to-CPAN-td2659408.html
> This brought me on the right track, I think. Patch is attached.

Thanks. Patch applied to git repo

> BTW: Is there a reason, why MojoMojo doesn't use any DB transactions?

Not in particular. Patches would be welcome.

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