[MojoMojo] [Announce] MojoMojo 0.999040 released to CPAN

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Fri Sep 4 18:27:14 GMT 2009

After much toil and trouble the MojoMojo gang is happy to announce a
new release of their Catalyst based Wiki-bastard child.  There's a
large number of fixes and performance enhanchments in this release.
Among the most important are precompiled pages and the new subtree, as
well as a couple of new themes and translation improvements. Full

  - Format content body and store in content.precompile
    Use this precompiled body when available for page delivery (see
    /.precompile_pages action for precompiling all page versions.
    This action can take a few minutes for the catalyst wiki (~2000
page versions).
    Fix [[child]] and [[../sibling]] display bug when first creating a page.
    Adjust tests to reflect that [[../sibling]] format to parent/sibling
    instead of ../sibling.  (mateu)

  - Simplified and improved sub-pages. Speed and layout enhanced (mateu)
  - Made subtree KinoSearch work (mateu)
  - Added paging for .list (dandv)

  - Catapulse theme (dab)
  - Madrid.pm theme (diegok)
  - More español (diegok)

  - Updated jQuery inplace editor and related code; fixed '&'-encoding bug
    which caused any text after the '&' to be lost when editing in-place (dandv)

  - Simplified 404 page handling in suggest.tt (mateu)
  - No cookie for anonymous user requests, and cookie test (mateu)
  - Removed PageCache (mateu)
  - .rollback now only works via POST (dandv)
  - Fixed bug in MojoMojo::get_permissions_data (uninitialized hashref) (mateu)
  - Main formatter now guaranteed to end the content with *one* newline (dandv)
  - Remove some obsolete crud (dandv/marcus)

With regards
Marcus Ramberg

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