[MojoMojo] Considering using MojoMojo

Nigel Metheringham nigel.metheringham at dev.intechnology.co.uk
Sun Apr 25 15:50:21 GMT 2010

Apologies for the length of this message, but I wanted to give some
context about a system thats evolved over quite a period in the
hope of getting pertinent comments.

I look after a set of systems for managing the backstage
requirements of a community theatre (which also leads to the hint
that we have a near zero budget).

A few years back we started a wiki (MoinMoin based) which has
information for Stage Managers and some show management info.

In parallel but separate from that we had a system originally
purposed for keeping information on shows and events to generate
the web site - this was originally Maypole/Class::DBI, then
migrated to Catalyst/DBIx::Class, adding more functionality each
year until significant chunks of the show management info was also
stashed there.

A MoinMoin plugin allows it to pull wiki markup from a URL - this
is used to embed some info from the cat app into pages (so a page
with organisation details for a show embeds the basic show and
staffing info into the page).

So currently we have a working, although rough at the edges,
integrated system for our show and backstage management info, with
very lumpy authorisation (basically people get access to a separate
wiki for basic crew, or the stage management wiki, or everything).

Strangely the section that needs most management - possibly due to
me being less python app savvy - is the Moin installation -
upgrades are too frequent and too painful.

I am considering moving all the wiki based stuff info something
else - one consideration is a MojoMojo based wiki running as
another component of the existing catalyst app. For this to work I
need 2 things:-

  1. The ability to migrate a ton of old Moin based info into

  2. The ability to either build catalyst pages with embedded wiki
     sections, or (better) the ability to add some wiki tags which
     would pull information out of the management db and build
     page sections from it.  These tags or page sections would
     need to be user sensitive - ie we do not allow our basic
     crew to see contact information for hirers.

Are there any obvious gotchas to doing this - or examples of
similar stuff I can crib from?

The existing code shows a few signs of being written for an earlier
catalyst version, but is still relatively clean.

Comments and advice more than welcome.


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