[MojoMojo] Feature requests

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Sat Jun 19 21:37:00 GMT 2010

Hi Jurnell.

Your changes sound very useful. I'm sorry I don't have much to
contribute with regards to Kerberos new user registration, as I don't
know Kerberos very well, but the realm fallthrough support sounds
great, I am sure some people would want to auth their wiki against
LDAP as well, for instance.

The easiest way for me to accept contributions is if you fork MojoMojo
on github and send me a pull request for the changes you want merged
back into the distribution. Looking forward to your Google Calendar
formatter. If you need any help with the git/github stuff, I suggest
joining our IRC channel #mojomojo on irc.perl.org.

Have a nice day.
Marcus Ramberg
Nordaaker ltd.
+47 934 17 508

2010/6/18  <jurnell.cockhren at vanderbilt.edu>:
> Hey,
> I've done a little of customizing of mojomojo:
> 1. Added Authentication via Kerberos
> 2. Added "fall through" authentication for use with multiple realms. It
> checks the realms in sequence to see if a user has the credentials for a
> login.
> I'm currently trying to iron out the new registration feature applied to
> Kerberos authentication. If anyone has any ideas on how this should be
> approached, I'll be glad to hear it.
> Right now, I modified the pm files directly. I plan on abstracting these
> changes to the configuration file to make  it useful for others and to be
> consistent with the original design.
> I've added a Formatter to allow for the inclusion of Google Calendars and
> will be adding a few more useful Formatters later. What is the procedure for
> submitting patches for consideration to be included in the trunk?
> Thanks,
> Jurnell Cockhren
> --
> Jurnell Cockhren
> Computer Programmer/Analyst
> Vanderbilt Vision Research Center
> 521 Wilson Hall
> Phone: 615-343-9912
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