[MojoMojo] Formatter Plugin and themes.

Dan Dascalescu ddascalescu at gmail.com
Fri May 28 00:23:02 GMT 2010

>  I'm using MojoMojo 1.0 with the latest Catalyst engine.

Please upgrade to MojoMojo 1.01, as it provides a critical security update.

> 1. I just completed the development of a plugin that allows for the
> embedding of a google calendar in a page. How do I add it to the "insert"
> combo box list shown while editing a page?

See the setup_formatter_toolbar() function in root/static/js/edit.js.
You will be able to easily clone from one of the existing entries.

> 2. How do I add a custom theme to the theme list on the "site settings"
> page?

MojoMojo::Model::Themes will pick up any themes in root/themes.

Thanks for asking these questions. I added them to
http://mojomojo.org/development/plugins and


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