[northwestengland.pm] North West England Perl Mongers - Manchester Technical meeting 5th May

Ian Norton i.d.norton at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 11:45:18 GMT 2009

Hi All,

Breaking with our (granted short lived) tradition, this months meeting
will not be the last Wednesday of the month but will instead be on
Tuesday the 5th of May, mainly due to the Nordic Perl Workshop and
venue booking.

This months North West England Perl Mongers technical meeting is in
Manchester at the Manchester Digital Development Agency
(http://www.manchesterdda.com/directions/) starting at 18:30.  All
three talks will be around the 20 minute mark.

Object oriented database design in PostgreSQL.
Matt Trout, Shadowcat Systems

  Applications often need is-a as well as has-a relationships in order
to properly model the business domain.  This talk describes:
    - The two common approaches to this, known as "single table
inheritance" and "multiple table inheritance"
    - The pros and cons of each approach
    - Implementation of both with full relational integrity and
database validation of the model
    - Using postgresql views and triggers to provide easier query
interfaces to both
    - Automating the generation of these views and triggers using a
simple Perl script

Converting 16k user mailboxes from MBOX to MDIR++
Ian Norton, Lancaster University

  Converting a legacy mail system has many challenges, turn that into
fifteen year old data and upwards of 16k mailboxes and you have quite
a substantial headache.  On a system melting under IO load and
providing an ever decreasing level of service, we needed to dig it out
of a hole and fix it properly.  With no major outage.  While people
were still accessing their email.

Functional Pe(a)rls v2 (now with Monads!)

  Yes, functional programming is useful in Perl already but it isn't
always pretty. I'll show a selection of techniques from FP languages,
and also ways to make them pretty and Perlish. Including:
   - lazy lists
   - currying
   - monads
   - list comprehensions
   - pattern matching
   - functional IO

  We'll use some shiny new Perl toys (like Devel::Declare) to help us
get convenient syntax for these techniques.

The meeting will be followed by drinks at The Salisbury pub next to
Oxford Road station
(http://manchesterbars.wordpress.com/2006/11/16/the-salisbury/) from
around 20:00.  Someone will be carrying a Pingu if you're trying to
find us!

Further details along with directions can be found on the North West
England Perl Mongers web site

Remember, North West England Perl Mongers covers the largest
geographical area for any Perl Mongers group in the world!  If you
want us to bring the camel and penguin to your area and you can
organise a venue, please do let me know.

Please forward this email to friends, colleagues or lists that you
think might be interested.

Regards, Ian.

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