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Hi everyone,

Below is a copy of Eric Wilhelm's call for attention to the GSoC that I 
would like you all to read. We are a new Perl Mongers group but I know 
we have a lot of 'old' (and possibly slightly crusty) Perlers amongst us 
and I also know that a few of us are -on campus- (mdk stares at the 
group's co-leader Ted) around the region. So I think we should discuss 
this issue here in channel and then do a quick follow-up on our 
intention at the first meeting which is just a few weeks away. Our 
region is very widespread so co-ordination will be an issue, it is best 
if we get the ball rolling asap on this.

I know that we can drum up some support from the Enlightened Perl 
Organisation about this as I am the secretary of that body and one of 
the directors, and I know they are keen to get more students in GSoC.

So I invite you all to start replying to the list now and lets work out 
which Universities/colleges we can target.



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Hi everybody,

It's very cold here.  Time to start thinking about summer!

The student proposals for Google's Summer of Code will be due in a 
couple short months and Google has just given word that the program 
will indeed be on again this year.

For 2008, we had a great turnout of willing and able mentors, but only 
about 16 student applications.  This implies that we need to try to 
reach more students and encourage them to apply for summer of code this 

We'll probably start to see more information from Google about SOC 2009 
within a month or so.  For now:


Last year taught us that the returning organizations which started early 
were more successful in recruiting students.  While we can't say for 
sure that Perl/Parrot will be accepted as mentor organizations, we'll 
get a very late start if we wait.  If it (knock on wood) doesn't 
happen, the Perl community will still benefit from efforts to connect 
with more students.

The following are just a few ideas of what your local Perl Mongers group 
could do to help.  Please forward this to your mailing list or discuss 
it at your next meeting.

Find out if your local university has Perl in the curriculum.  If so, 
get in touch with the professors and let them know about your local 
Perl Mongers group.  Ask if they would be interested in you speaking to 
their class or giving a presentation on-campus.

If the computer science department doesn't seem interested in Perl, you 
might find users (or potential users) in other departments.  Think 
about all of the niche data-crunching for which Perl gets used.  Find 
grad students who might be doing that - whatever their major might be.

Are any members of your group recently graduated?  If so, the contacts 
they still have might be a great place to start, especially in non-cs 
disciplines.  Even in very specialized applications, the chances are 
that the Perl community contains a mentor with a related background.

Finally, I would be interested in hearing from any Perl Mongers groups 
which have been involved with on-campus activities or are meeting on 
campus.  Please send me mail about what you are doing, or even write 
about it on use.perl.

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