[northwestengland.pm] Hack day 2010 - nominations please!

Ian Norton i.d.norton at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 22:46:32 GMT 2010

Hi All,

Following discussions this evening, it's been suggested that we should
permit people to bid for our 2010 November hack day in the form of an
evening of lightening talks in September about the project you want to
see us work on!

Get your thinking CAPS on and put something together for the September
meeting so that we can decide as a group what we'd all like to work on
in November and onwards.

We're hoping that the current work on the Ironman project will be
completed by then, though that might well be on the table for stage
two in November... ;)

If you have a suggestion but don't want to put together a lightening
talk, do share and see if someone else will argue the case with you!

So far the suggestions have been:

  Perl videos (sorry, can't remember the name) - MarkK
  Perl mailing list (promulger from aperion) - IanN
  Per webmail (Cider Webmail) - IanN
  IronMan language and translation support

Hope to hear from you all with wonderful ideas soon...


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